Adding Assets Buildbox 2

Adding Assets – Buildbox 2

  •  Drag and drop assets from your desktop into the build box interface


  • Adding a background image I’ll select the image from my desktop drag it over into build box


  • Let’s add a character to our game in this case I have a character idle animation which is a PNG sequence so I’m going to drag all the images in this PNG sequence over on top of the build mocks interface and then I’m going to drop that into the character section


  • When I do that you’ll notice that the character isn’t automatically added to the scene however on the left hand side in the assets bar if I expand this character option I can see the character we just added here and click and drag them to my scene and again I can position and resize my character as desired


  • Finally I’ll add a powerup to my scene so I’ll bring in the image and then I’m going to drop this in the action section

  • Make sure that everything appears proportional it’s also important to point out that each different type of asset in the game has different settings available

  • for example you’ll see we have some options to input different animation sequences we can adjust the sounds for the character the gameplay effects as well as the gameplay

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