Advanced character Assets Buildbox 2

Advanced Character Assets – Buildbox 2


  • Basic options available for character assets within the interface. so select your character asset over the right hand side the first option have the same name 


  • Next you can edit the collision shape this is the hit zone for the character & click edit you can edit the specific shape


  •  Next have the default animation when your character is not performing another specific action like running or shooting or jumping 


  • Drag and drop the animation sequence into move animation that replace the previous animation sequence


  • Similarly change the shooting and defeated animation. The defeated animation is that happens when the character dies so fill the animations as needed and as relevant for your game scrolling 


  • And down have the sounds, jump sounds, shooting sounds and defeated sounds when the character is killed


  • Drag and drop the sounds and edit the sounds and you can replace the sounds by dropping new sounds 


  • Gameplay effects that you want to apply your character for example cast shadow

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