Advance Objects Assets Buildbox 2

Advanced Object Assets – Buildbox 2

  • After your basic options you have a few more advanced options that we can add for this object the first advanced option is the defeated animation


  • The animation sequence that you will play whenever this object is destroyed so in this case you got the default walking animation for the enemy


  • Then if the enemy is destroyed  the animation sequence that you dropped in. To play whenever that enemy is defeated next you have some sound options for our object


  • You have the idle sound which is the sound that plays while the enemy is in screen


  • The default object sound you have the death sound which is the sound that would play when the object is defeated. and then we have the wakeup sound which is the sound that plays when the object first enters the screen


  • Finally at the very bottom you have the attributes for the object which includes the health how strong the object is as well as the damage how much damage

  •  For each different object and the settings for each objects are going to look different. you have a different default animation and defeated animation for a box as well as different sounds and health and damage attributes compared to an enemy object

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