Advanced Power Up Assets Buildbox 2

Advanced Power Up Assets – Buildbox 2


  • Advanced options available for power apps so you’ve selected one of our power apps from the asset bar on the left and you’ve already reviewed the basic options for power-ups


  • Jump into some more of the advanced options first up you have the action animation this is the animation that plays whenever the powerup is activated


  • You can just drag and drop any PNG animation sequence from your computer to this section then you have a couple extra options you can choose where this animation is placed


  • whether the animation will take place on the character on the powerup itself or be a full screen animation so say your character gets an invincibility powerup

  • You could choose to have the animation for the invincibility powerup play right on top of the character if your character activated a bomb or a strike of some sort you could have that show up on top of the powerup location or even go fullscreen next up have the animation behavior


  • Action animation replaces existing graphics so say your character again gets an invincibility animation and you set the animation behavior to replace and the placement to character you could actually drag in a new character invincibility animation here and whenever the character activates that invincibility power up

  • That new character animation would play instead of the existing character animation so you could make your character Hulk up into a big tank kind of guy whenever you activate some invincibility powerup in your game

  • Finally you have the animation repeat you can choose whether the action animation is looped or if it just plays through once next up we have sound for the power-ups the idle sound is just the sound that the powerup makes when it appears on screen before it’s picked up

  • Next you have the start sound which is the sound the powerup makes as it’s activated and the end sound which is the sound that it makes as it comes to an end in the properties section you can set the reward coins or points that the powerup gives the player if it’s a powerup that rewards them with points or coins you can set the duration of the powerup

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