Advanced Sub Asset Options Buildbox 2

Advanced Sub Asset Options – Buildbox 2


  • Sub asset advanced options as you know by now each sub asset can have different options different properties for appearance and function


  • They’re simple presets that change the Advanced Settings but if you want to modify the Advanced Settings manually you can use those to manually dial in position rotation scale and opacity


  • You can add linear velocity and make the object move across the screen by adjusting the values here you can add linear velocity for horizontal and vertical dimensions you can add angular velocity to make the object rotate and you can also change the collision type


  • The asset will collide with the character or will not collide with the character and then you can also choose the destroy type which is what happens when the character collides with the object so for a box we probably don’t need the character to destroy

  • An enemy you were working with you would probably want the enemy to destroy the character when the character touches it if you wanted the character to be able to destroy the enemy then you could set this to destroy enemy so when the character touches the enemy sub asset the enemy would be destroyed

  • Sub assets remember that the presets allow you to get started quickly by assigning a preset for a sub asset based on what its main function is so if it’s an enemy setting it with the enemy preset is a great place to start but then you can further dial in those properties using the Advanced Options

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