Background Assets Buildbox 2

Background Assets – Buildbox 2

  •  Background assets so if you select one of your background images you’ll see that have a few different options over here on the right hand side you can adjust things like position rotation and scale


  • That could also be adjusted simply by clicking and dragging on the items in the scene editor


  • You can make more refined and number specific edits by adjusting those items in the options bar here next you have the opacity currently the opacity is set to one which means that it’s a fully opaque image


  • The background image can be it’s at 50 percent opacity so you can adjust this value between 0 and 1


  • You can make the specific edits to the image itself by clicking the Edit icon here and then adjusting the brightness contrast and so on

  •  You can also swap in a different image you can delete the image simply by clicking this X button on the image box. and if you wanted to swap out another image quickly for this background you could just click and drag another image on top of this box
  • The background would move quicker while some of the objects like example clouds in the back would move slower so here you’ll see for these Mountain images you’ve set the speed to be 0.6 however for the far back cloud backgrounds


  • Next you have your tiling offset and this can be negative or positive and this is just the space between a tiled image so if you have a background that repeats you can adjust the space between that repetition of the background


  • Finally you have the fixed rotation checkbox if you select this the fixed rotation option allows for tiling or stacked tiling when you rotate an image.

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