Character Components Buildbox 2

Character Components – Buildbox 2

  • When editing a character in build box you will find many features in the options bar like the collision shape the animations sounds gameplay effects game over effects and so on these sections are your core components they’re an important part of your character that is needed for almost all gameplay types

  • Character that jumps in a platformer gameplay type or a character that flies in a helicopter style game then you’ll want to add a new custom component doing this is easy and there are many options to choose from at the very bottom of the character options bar you’ll see a button called add component by clicking this button you’ll have many options for new components you can add to your character


  • The character collides with an object immediately when the character starts or when a button is pressed for example if you select  and you want your character to automatically run forward you would add the component and set the linear X velocity to 25 now the character will always move at a speed of 25 you could create new animations for this or simply leave it blank to use our default

  • The character only move when a certain event happens for instance by choosing collision from the event drop-down the character would only move when colliding with a specific object of your choice like a wall or trampoline in your game you can also combine multiple advanced moves for example you could also create a slide function that makes the character slide when a button is pressed but first you would need to add another advanced move component and then make the X linear velocity 30 this way the character moves slightly faster when sliding

  • Finally you could head over to the menu editor and create a new character button so you could just grab a button here and then add the character button to your gameplay UI you would just need to position and edit the button as desired and setup the function to perform a component action that’s all there is to it

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