Font Editor Buildbox 2

Font Editor – Buildbox 2

  • In buildbox to create fonts that will be used in your game when you pick up coins display your total coin amount display a score or custom labels to access the font editor click that button in the top right corner and one of the new features that were really excited about in this version of build box is the ability to use multiple fonts throughout your game

  • Now over on the left hand side you have your font selection and this is where you can choose fonts for use in your game and add new fonts so if you add a new font here you can then choose from any font on your system to use as the basis for this font in your game so you’ll select a font that you like and you’ll notice as cycle through these different fonts

  • You like the bolder font and think you use it for something in your titling so you just going to call this titling font the font name is the currently selected font in the preview the font size is the size of the font the shadow offset allows you to input the x and y values for the shadow offset but in order to see that shadow you have to enable the draw shadow checkbox so now if you make adjustments to the shadow offset


  • The spacing between fonts the stroke width is the number of pixels around the font so if you increase this and then enable the draw stroke option you’ll see we now have this bolder white line around the font so you can reduce this back down to something like 1 and now you just have this thin white line around the font the main color is the main color of the font and if you’re using a gradient

  • It’s the topmost color on the font so you’ll see do have a gradient color so elected as well so your font currently fades from this light gray to this darker gray as you can see over here in the font preview window

  • If you want to can adjust the color of the shadow if you’d like to have the font shadow be a specific color and then of course you can enable or disable the shadow stroke and gradient options finally remember you can add different font styles or delete existing font styles by using the add or delete buttons.

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