Game Preview Buildbox 2

Game Preview – Buildbox 2


  • You going to explore a few of the options available in the game preview to access the game preview from the scene editor click the play button up here this will open up the game preview

  • Now it’s important to note that some of these elements are in real time such as changing advanced gameplay elements or light effects but others might require a refresh in order to see the updates you also have a few additional options available in the game preview

  • On the far left you have a bug icon clicking bug icon allows you to enter debug mode where you can see all of the collision points and debug information for the game. Clicking fullscreen icon allows you to view the preview in full screen clicking the screenshot icon will allow you to take a screenshot in the current resolution

  • Finally you can use drop-down to change the screen size resolution to see how this would look on different devices and the final drop down here allows you to zoom in or out at your selected screen size

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