Menu Bar Buildbox 2

Menu Bar – Buildbox 2

  • The menu bar settings now many of these features are pretty self-explanatory but you just want to take a quick moment to show you where some of this functionality is if you click the file menu at the top of the buildbox back window you can create a new file open an existing file open a recent file save your file save the file as or export your file for iOS, Android and Windows.


  • The edit menu allows you to undo and redo as well as align and stack scenes in the scene editor the add menu allows you to add a new character object background or action it’s also worth noting that this is contextual you will see the particular options


  • To view and manage the image atlases in the game you can see each different Atlas you have here you can also rename the image Atlas, change the width height and padding as well as optimize or rebuild the Atlas. The additional atlases and optimize all of the atlases by clicking the button


  • You can also adjust your view settings you can set the view to actual size to show all to zoom in or out and you can also select different view modes the Tools menu allows you to remove unused objects in your level unused image objects unused sound objects and convert to clones

  • Finally the help menu contains build box documentation the welcome screen allows you to check for updates, get logs and activate your license.

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