Menu Editor Buildbox 2

Menu Editor Overview – Buildbox 2

  • The menu editor within build box as you see on the menu editor you have two major types of nodes blue nodes which are gameworld nodes and green nodes which are UI or user interface screens inside the gameworld nodes

  • The level editor and this is where you can edit the actual gameplay inside the UI screens you’ll be able to create your menus these will be things like your main menu game over menu and heads-up display that occurs on top of your game

  • Adding new nodes is easy and just right-click on the background and select whether you’d like to add a new world or a new UI let’s look at game worlds if you single click a blue node you can highlight the game world


  • On the right hand side you can see all the world’s physics by double-clicking the game world you can design and edit the levels inside going back to the menu editor at some of the UI screens the user interface screens are simply menus for example the main menu the pause menu and the game over menu are all UI screens you can single click on a UI screen to edit its properties in the right-hand bar. 


  • You can create and edit the content for that menu on the left hand side you have several different sections on the asset bar the things you can add into your game menu in the logic section you have the event observer the event observer is used in gameplay UI screens and it will analyze your game and look for situations like reaching the end of the game collecting a certain number of coins or worth the character dying when activated it will open up a port on the node allowing you to route the player to a new menu screen like a game over

  • The function section is where you select the function that this button will have such as whether or not to start the game pause the game or the sound section allows you to add various sounds for the button and properties contains various properties for your button like block touch through which when disabled allows you to stack buttons and activate all of them with a single press or you could also assign a specific keyboard key to the button in the properties section as well

  • Finally at the bottom of the editor you see a timeline this is where you activate the animated menus

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