Menu Jump Buildbox 2

Menu Jump – Buildbox 2


  • The menu jump is a very easy yet extremely powerful logic piece inside of build box using this logic piece you can jump to any other world


  • In the menu here’s how it works first drag-and-drop a menu jump logic piece from the assets bar on the left into your scene and be sure to place it


  • Now click this logic piece to ensure that it’s selected and write a name for it in the options bar on the right for this example let’s call it secret world now when the character touches this logic piece which will be invisible during the game


  • How you select what that world will be when you move back to the menu editor you’ll notice there’s now a new port called secret world on your game world node you can then create a new world by right-clicking the background of the menu editor and choosing add new world let’s rename this to secret world


  • The original game world routes the player to this new secret world when they interact with the menu jump logic piece and that’s it you could also choose to route the player to a UI screen instead you desired

  • The menu jump logic piece will be invisible in your game so you’ll need to add a particle decoration object or action on top of it so that the player knows that it’s there once they know it’s there can see it and interact with it you can take them to all sorts of different places that’s the menu jump logic piece

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