Object Assets Buildbox 2

Object Assets – Buildbox 2

  • The basic options available for objects within the buildbox interface. Over the left hand side object asset bar 


  • If you select one of the objects from the asset bar you’ve got some options that appear in the options bar


  • Next you have the collision shape here we can edit the hit zone for this particular object you can add additional points to the hit zone


  • The object’s shape you could change that from a polygon to a circle and expand that circle to match the object shape as needed just be sure to choose the collision shape that works well for your particular object


  • Then refine that as best as you can next you  have your default animation this is the standard animation for this object


  •  The object is a live enemy that will be moving throughout the screen it makes more sense to use an animation sequence so if you open up this default animation sequence


  • Other animation sequences throughout build box you can drag and drop PNG animation sequences to the approximate box


  • If you want to replace the default animation you could just drag and drop a new animation sequence on top of this one and replace that animation

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