Particle Effect Buildbox 2

Particle Effect – Buildbox 2


  • Particle effects can add a seriously professional touch to your game and with build box it’s easy to use first open up a game world and then drag the particle effect into the scene editor


  • When you click on the particle effect to select it you’ll see its options in the option bar on the right choose the Edit emitters to edit the particle emitters are small PNG files that make up a piece of your particle you’ll notice one is already added to your particle and when you select emitter in the left-hand column you’ll be able to edit the properties


  • Now you can change many aspects of the emitter including how many particles it will release how fast they release their size and more each option first you have the standard position rotation and scale transform options then you have the texture option this is the actual image you can see that when you drop a new image there it changes the particle completely total particles shows how many particles are on the screen at once the emission rate is how fast particles will release 

  • The blend additive option creates a subtle blending effect that works great for some cases let’s try it out it looks like with this particle it’s too subtle unless you can layered it with more emitters but for now you’ll turn it back off the start size is the starting size of the particle

  • If you put in the number 25 it will now be a start size of 25 to 75 the end size determines how big the particle will be when it dies out let’s change the end size to 10 with a variable rate of 10 now the particles will start out larger and be smaller at the end of their cycle the start spin and end spin can change how the particles spin when spawned and complete let’s put a variable rate of 50 on each one gravity will change the gravity of the particles


  • you’ll see particles start to fall scrolling down the radial acceleration is the first of two different speed options let’s change this to a variable rate of 50 let’s keep the speed at its current settings but change the angle you’ll add a variable rate of 30 for the angle now our particle is shooting elements more to the left and the right life is simply how long the particle will live let’s keep this at its current setting of 3 seconds with a variable rate of 0.25 color can make some pretty neat changes as click the right black color to bring up the color wheel now let’s choose a bright red and hit OK


  • The particles life and finally the position type drop-down will change how the particle moves inside of your game you can also add multiple emitters to get some really cool effects to do this click the plus button in the bottom left of the particle window you’ll have a new emitter pop-up in the left hand bar click the top emitter to make sure that the newest emitter is selected and then drop another particle texture into the texture window now let’s try the blend additive effect again


  • The particle is made you can simply have it stationary in your game or attach it to a character or object with connections don’t forget you can also add particles for various animations of your character for example you could have a particle fire only when the character is defeated or jumps that’s the particle generator inside of build box

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