Portal and Gatekeeper Logic Piece Buildbox 2

Portal and Gatekeeper Logic Piece – Buildbox 2

  • The portal and gatekeeper are to logic pieces that can be used together or separately the first let’s discuss portals using portals is easy and can be used to create many different fun gameplay effects first drag-and-drop a portal from the logic section of the asset bar on the left into your scene editor


  • In that case drop the right where the character initially Falls when the scene starts next you’re going to want to duplicate this portal so you just going to hit D on the keyboard to duplicate this and this next portal up above here right about even with where the character starts up in the air now when the character falls and makes contact with this portal they’re going to instantly be transferred to that portal


  • Preview that and see what that looks like you can see that the player was instantly teleported through this portal up to the portal in debug mode if you can actually see the portal pieces and you can see the character being dropped through the  first portal and then coming out

  • The second portal now let’s have take this second portal and duplicate it and let’s move it over here and you’ll see when you preview this now you have actually effectively cloned the character so let you play that again very quickly let’s go over some of the options for this logic piece so you’ll select one of these portals and over here in the options bar on the right you have the position scale rotation and all of those work exactly the same


  • If you wanted to have another set of portals in the same scene further down you would want to issue them a different group ID now like two three or any other ID number that’s not the same as this group set to zero delete input object allows to delete the first character when he enters a portal instead of sticking around

  • If you didn’t have this selected in your last cloning scenario you would have ended up with three characters instead of two single-use limits the ability for a portal to be used just once and if you uncheck it it means the portal could be used infinite times exit only allows you to designate that a portal is simply an exit as opposed to being able to be used to enter or exit and search radius is set to 600 by default

  • A portal how many pixels to search around it to find another portal in its group to interact or send to or from it’s important to note that you do not want to set this too high as you might inadvertently teleport beyond the current game frame view and it would usually have unpredictable results for your players and that’s all there is to it portals are a great effect that can be simple to use but give your game amazing effects and abilities

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