Power Up Assets Buildbox 2

Power Up Assets – Buildbox 2


  • Power-ups within your build box game so you’ll go over to the actions section in the asset bar and you’ll select the powerup that you added to our game


  • Next you have the collision shape and if you click Edit you can adjust this collision shape and this is the hit zone for the powerup


  •  Adjust the hit zone so that it takes up the entire image area so that whenever the character touches any part of the image that would count as touching and unlocking the powerup


  • Default animation now this could be a still image or it can be an animated PNG sequence and either way if you want to replace the default animation

  • You could just drag and drop a new image or image sequence here to this box and you can make further adjustments to the animation using this edit button and then refining that animation

  • Next you can choose the powerup type so from this drop down you can choose what function this powerup serves you can leave it set to none which means that it doesn’t serve any purpose as a powerup it doesn’t do anything

  • You can set it to a coin which means that it would function as a coin for in-game currency.  You can set it to kill all enemies which would kill all moving enemies on the screen invincibility. 


  • Making the character invincible powerup magnet causes the character to attract all power-ups strike is a powerup that’s assigned to a button and the character kills anything that it touches when strike is activated.

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