Scene Editor Buildbox 2

Scene Editor – Buildbox 2

  • Scene editor which is this center section here and where you’ll spend most of your time working in build box now a group of scenes can be an endless game a level a world or even more the scenes


  • You will discuss later in the scene editor you can rotate scale and move any sub assets that were dropped in to build box but there are a couple additional key shortcuts and techniques that you want to share to help make your workflow a little quicker holding the spacebar you can use the hand tool in the scene editor to move about through your scene scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out of your scene so this in combination with the spacebar

  • In working on if you right-click an object in the scene editor you can change the object’s visual stacking order by sending it forward or backward and if you press command or control and right-click an object it will list all objects behind the cursor so you can get a quick breakdown of what objects

  • If you’d like to duplicate an object quickly you can select it and use the W A S and D keys to duplicate an object up left right and down which makes it really great if I wanted to make a repeating series of ongoing objects very quickly


  • If you select an object and hit the number keys or ctrl + the number Keys 1 through 7 you can change the object preset type so for example this is one platform 2 3 4 5 6 or 7 so that’s a quick way to change your sub asset presets without going up to this drop down each time then in the top right corner of the scene editor

  • That discussed previously with the character game frame you can adjust the character frame by clicking and dragging these orange corner points and if you select one of the sides of the game frame you can set the frame settings for pass block or defeat depending on your game setup so for example if we wanted to set the bottom of the character

  • The next toggle button in the scene editor allows to lock the backgrounds this is great so that you don’t accidentally select and modify the backgrounds the magnet icon allows you to snap movement for sub assets this snaps the movement of any sub asset to 5 pixels so that it makes for easy alignment the connection icon allows you to enter into connection mode

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