Scene Seltion Bar - Buildbox 2

Scene Selection Bar – Build box 2


  • Scene selection bar so at the bottom of the screen you’ll notice you have this plus Add button and this is how you add new scenes to your game so if you click this you’ll see that you’ve just added a new scene to the game after the existing scenes

  • If wanted to duplicate an existing scene you could delete the new scene by selecting it and then hitting the Delete key and choosing yes and then you could choose to duplicate an existing scene

  • If you select scene number 2 for example and hit the D key on my keyboard I’ve just duplicated that scene and this first 3 scene are now the same since now have four scenes and both of these are named 3 that  gonna go ahead and rename this last one for using the options bar for this particular scene

  • Key commands keep that D duplicates a scene you can mute a scene by hitting D you can take scene by selecting it and hitting S on the keyboard and then hitting S again to re-enable the rest of the scenes so down here you have all the different scenes for our game

  • Simply drag and drop the end points for each scene to adjust the distances and this determines where the scene is active in the game so currently scenes 2 & 3 are only active between distances

  • You have some overlap between all of these different scenes and what build box does is it chooses a random scene to show if there’s some overlap between scenes so in this section right here when all of these scenes are enabled build box will just randomly choose scenes one after the other to fill in in this space after about the 3,000 distance section


  • In-game distance the only scene available is this scene for and while you’re in the distance editor you can still add new scenes you can zoom in and out on the distance you can still mute and solo scenes and you can even select delete scenes using the Delete key

  • Finally you have a couple menu commands that will help when working with sequential scenes if you go up to the Edit section click Edit and choose align scenes select okay this will automatically align each of the scenes you’ve created to be played in order so you see first you have our start scene that’s the only scene that’s currently enabled to play in this distance then you have seen 1 2 3 & 4 and during each of these times those are the only scenes that can play so if you have a specific scene order that you want to use that’s very easy to do you can ensure players only see the scenes that you want them to see at any given distance another option is the ability to stack scenes

  • Throughout the duration of the game and this is one of the great things about the build box engine it will spawn different in-game experiences by randomly selecting scenes one after the other so that each time a player plays through it’s different

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