Trail Effect Buildbox 2

Trail Effect – Buildbox 2


  • The trail is a simple effect that can add a trail to your character or any object in the game this trail will move around with the physics in the world of your game

  • To use the trail first drag and drop the trail icon from the effects section into your scene when the trail is selected you’ll be able to change its options in the right-hand side in the transform section you have the trails position rotation scale and opacity in the image section you can add a texture for this trail


  • You will just use a simple white trail as a texture drag it in from computer and drop it into the box the start width is how many pixels wide the trail will be in the beginning the end width is how many pixels wide the trail will be at the end the speed is how fast the trail will move the length is how many pixels long the trail will be

  • You can also change the wave height and length if you want natural flowing motion for your trail let’s use these defaults and attach the trail to our character


  • You will create a new connection by making a line from the character to the trail simply by clicking and dragging it’s important to start with the character as will be the one initially moving now go to place this trail directly in the center of our character

  • When you hit the play button you can see the trail is now following the character and when you jump the trail follows the character and makes this pretty cool effect so that’s how to use trails these can be attached to any object in your game or used as a standalone effect

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