Using Connections Buildbox 2

Using Connections – Buildbox 2


  • You want to explore some of the options available by connecting different objects within your build box game now you can access connection mode by holding the alt or option key which will show the connections while you hold that key or by clicking this toggle switch in the top right of the scene editor

  • Connect the objects simply click the circle in the root of the object and drag to another object and release the connecting objects circle will turn red and when you connect these objects and exit out of connection mode the objects will now move together even if you just click and move one of that objects

  • That’ll move together in the scene editor and they’ll also move together throughout gameplay so this allows you to create custom groups of objects to move and interact in your game

  • If you enter connection mode and connect these objects you can designate these connected objects as wheels to do that you’ll click the connection line and this will bring up the motor options in the options bar on the right I can set the speed which is how fast the motor turns the connected object

  • You want to show what you can do when you set both of these objects as wheels in the option bar and then set each of these connection motors to auto Drive at sort of a slow speed and added some torque options and connected everything to this box

  • Finally to delete any connections simply select the connection by clicking on it and hit the Delete or backspace key

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