Using Creator Buildbox 2

Using Creator – Buildbox 2


  • The Creator so the first thing to do is go up to file and you’ll create a new document by selecting new if you’re working on a different document go ahead and choose whether or not to save your changes and the creator window will pop up

  • The first field you have is the name which is the name of your game so choose something that makes sense next you have the orientation and you need to choose whether you want your game orientation to be in portrait or landscape you have the score type which you can choose distance or coins collected which is what you’ll choose in this case and then you have different gameplay settings available in this.


  • New and existing gameplay types before this one choose platformer next you have your world settings you can choose a single world which allows you to make a single world game which is pretty common. Among most endless game types or you can choose multiple world which is what choose there if you choose multiple world the next option you have is the world amount which is how many worlds


  • The single UI for world means that if you select this each world will use the same UI overlay on top of it for example this can include the controls for the game and a pause button the world

  • Complete UI checkbox if selected means that the creator you’ll add a menu UI screen after each world is finished for instance this could be to congratulate the player for completing the world or you could make it a cut scene that plays a new part of a continuing story and finally over here on the right you have our menu settings these are extra UI items added to your game pause would pause the game game over displays a game over screen when the game is complete

  • First world layout you can click the play button to instantly preview and you’ll see your default user interface and graphics you can move things around in the scene duplicate things and set this up to be exactly the way you need at the menu editor and you’ll see that the Creator automatically set up all our menus and worlds and routed everything together perfectly and just like with the rest of build box

  • Finally going to quickly replace the rest of elements and maybe instead of this game image you’ll drop in the logo image and you’ll scale it down move it back up here and then maybe add a quick background so you’ll select the background here and drag a new image. over to the image box and then you’ll scale that up pretty cool so in just a couple of seconds you was able to replace the logo for the game the start button the background and scale those appropriately and the best part about build box is that you can do this with the character platforms

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